The Young Pioneers Network (YPN) is proud to announce the 2nd annual Project LEAD, an initiative to help youth harness their political power. This will be taking place in May 2017. Project LEAD was launched in June 2016 where we partnered with Adamfo Ghana, a foundation that works for the well-being and protection of street children in Ghana. We worked in conjunction with this organisation to deliver workshops and various activities, to broaden the understanding of the street children with major focus on the importance of their contribution to their communities as young Ghanaians. 

We believe that today’s learners will be tomorrow’s leaders. Therefore, it is our responsibility as an organisation to ensure that young people are educated on the importance of leadership. The purpose of Project LEAD is to enable young people to Learn, be Equipped to Act and Deliver (LEAD).

Project LEAD was launched in Kumasi where we worked with 50 street children. This year, we are going to work with a total of 100 young people in two cities; Kumasi and Accra. Continuing our work with Adamfo Ghana we will also be partnering with Help the African Child Foundation (HAC Ghana) . One of YPN’s beliefs is that; in order to become a responsible leader, it is essential to understand the importance of team work. We stand to demonstrate this by delivering a range of activities based on team work, leadership skills and political literacy.

The plan for the future is to reach out to more young people by expanding Project LEAD across the rest of Africa.

We have a target of raising £1500 for this years programme. The funds raised will be spent on the following:

  • T-shirts for the participants
  • Pens for the participants
  • Notepads for the participants
  • Production of a professional documentary
  • Prizes for the participants
  • Hand sanitizers for the participants
  • Black bags for activities
  • Clipboards for the participants
  • Lunch for the participants

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